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We Love Our Artist Friends!

We are proud to represent a large assortment of wonderfully talented artists, many of whom are from Wisconsin or have ties to it. These artists work in an assortment of metals, each has a distinct style, and many are masters in their field.

~Please click on the artist's name for a photo gallery of their work, and check back often as more artists and more photos are added.

~We want to acknowledge the many hours that go into creating these works of art; from the initial design to carving the wax to setting stones and putting on the finishing touches. We are happy that other artists may find inspiration in these photos, but we have to ask that you
please - respect the artist’s rights as originators of these designs, and the copyrights they hold to their work.

~Our artists work in a large variety of metals. Many of our designers work with 14K or 18K yellow or white gold, or platinum. We are happy to have a selection of designers who work in popular "alternative" metals. These include stainless steel, Damascus steel, and palladium. A number of artists specialize in a certain metal, such as Fred Fenster's pewter vessels and Julie Rauschenberger's 22K gold granulation. The vast majority of gold currently used in jewelry is from recycled sources, and we purchase most of our supplies for creating our jewelry from industry leaders in recycling.

~Please note that items pictured are not always in stock here at Studio Jewelers, or may be one of a kind pieces. Many of our artists are willing to work with you to design a custom piece or work with your stones. Please
contact us if there is a piece that you would like to know more about.
katherine_4 Aberle-rings-in-a-row
Katherine Aberle (click name for photos)
Katherine's designs reflect great respect for the art and culture of the world. Her rings reflect designs found on tapestry borders, art nouveau illustrations, Japanese prints, and Impressionist paintings. Katherine's line, Studio 311, is carried on today by husband and wife Eric and Krista McCafferty.  Today the couple continues to work closely with Katherine in order to preserve the principles that initially guided the creation of the business.  Krista collaborates with Katherine to create new designs for the jewelry line, and Eric, who worked as a goldsmith under Katherine in the 1990s, is an integral part of the production aspect of the business.

Studio 311 website | Studio311 on Facebook | Our Studio311 Pinterest Board
K-w-H's-flowers-8,09-600 Kristin-butterfly600
Kristin Anderson (click name for photos)
Kristin works with Champleve Vitreous Enamels in 18K Gold and Sterling silver, often accompanied by gemstone accents. The champleve technique allows for greater variation in the width of lines or areas of metal in the surface of the enamel. Combining areas of reflective metal with glowing enamel colors gives effects of illusionistic depth unique to this medium. Kristin's beautiful work is recognized worldwide.

Kristin’s website | Our Kristin Anderson Pinterest Board
Binnion 2-ring-Binnion-set
James Binnion (click name for photos)
James has worked in Mokume Gane for over 20 years developing his technique and designs. Mokume translates from Japanese as "wood eye" which refers to burl wood grain and Gane means "metal". Today mokume refers to any pattern made in this Japanese lamination technique. After extensive research on mokume and metallurgy, he developed his own method for making mokume. Your ring will be custom made for you with its own individual pattern. You can trust that your ring will be designed and hand crafted by a master craftsman with close attention to detail.

Jim’s website | Jim’s Facebook page | Our James Binnion Pinterest Board
Hanna-bemusedRS HC-W-remount
Hanna Cook-Wallace (click name for photos)
Hanna Cook-Wallace came naturally to her profession. "I was one of those kids who hung out at the local rock shop after school," she recalls. "I call it the 'Magpie factor'--the color and sparkle of gems and minerals has always fascinated me."
Hanna's interest led naturally to formal gemological training at home and abroad. In addition to study through the Gemological Institute of America, she is a graduate of the Educational Gemstone Centre Hattgenstein in Germany, with a certificate in practical and advanced gemology. Hanna loves to work with the vast collection of gems she has gathered over the years, making one of a kind pieces with natural curves and bold presence.

Hanna is one of three designer/goldsmiths available in-house here at Studio Jewelers for all of your jewelry needs!

Our Hanna Cook-Wallace Pinterest Board
Paula portrait fave PCgreenring2view
Paula Crevoshay (click name for photos)
Paula Crevoshay launched her first collection of one-of-a-kind art jewels in 1981. Her awards and achievements took her, as a jeweler, very quickly to the forefront of modern design. Combining the disciplines of fine art, gemology and history with jewelry making transformed Crevoshay into a fresh, unique talent.
In recent years she has gained renown as one of the leading designers of our time. Her work has been shown at such museums as the Smithsonian and the Carnegie, and can be found in many important public and private collections.

Paula’s website | Our Paula Crevoshay Pinterest Board
jimdailing1 JDpinering
Jim Dailing (click name for photos)
Jim Dailing began his career in metals and jewelry after watching a friend cut an opal in college in 1977. His first “real job” was in 1984, at Maui Divers in Hawaii as a designer. In 1985, Jim helped open a jewelry store in Central Wisconsin, where he was the goldsmith/designer. He continued his journey of studying the magic of metals in 1988 when he went on for his MFA at Tyler School of Art. Jim had the opportunity to teach as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Oregon in 1992, and his professional life has been creating jewelry and teaching ever since.

Jim’s website | Ganoksin interview with Jim | Our Jim Dailing Pinterest Board
tomd600 TD-purple-sapph-Aurora-pend
Tom Dailing (click name for photos)
With over 50 professional designing awards, the creations of Thomas Dailing Designs regularly grace the pages of major jewelry magazines. His work features high quality gemstones, including concave faceted gems by Richard Homer. Tom's designs are contemporary classics, delicately balanced with dramatic artistry and a strong sense of engineering. He continually pioneers new techniques in order to present his unique vision to the jewelry world.

Tom’s website | Ganoksin article via MJSA Journal | Our Tom Dailing Pinterest Board
Fred Fenster Fenster-S&P-5-03-(snail)
Fred Fenster (click name for photos)
Fred's work ranges from jewelry to holloware and flatware, to liturgical objects. He is at ease with gold but works more often in sterling or pewter. Recently retired after 43 years of teaching at UW Madison, Fred shaped several generations of American metalsmiths to approach their work with professionalism and skill. Fred is very active on the workshop circuit, usually teaching hollowware or pewter techniques. Several examples of his pewter vessels are featured and are for sale at Studio Jewelers.

Metalsmith Magazine | A Facebook group for “Fans of Fred” | Our Fred Fenster Pinterest Board
J&S-Freeman-600 JSF-rose-gold-dangly600
Sharon and Jerry Freeman (click name for photos)
Jerry and Sharon Freeman have created hand-made jewelry since the late 1960s. Their work has evolved from the “silver and copper, shells and beads” they once sold at craft fairs to the current collection of hand made gold earrings they began developing in the 1980s and now sell through designer galleries around the country. Their son Zac joined them more than ten years ago, making their small company truly a family affair.

Froman headshot FromanLogo
Pamela Froman (click name for photos)
After graduating from Manhattan's Fashion Institute of Technology, Pamela From an moved to Europe, where she settled in Paris and began designing jewelry for top couturier salons, including Courreges, Cacharel, Carita, Guy Laroche, and Valentino. As much as she enjoyed the challenge of creating for preeminent designers Pamela found she needed to forge her own artistic path. She returned to America, and with her photographer husband Jay Lawrence Goldman, created a studio oasis - a sanctuary within the city of Los Angeles, filled with natural light, plants and fountains, where they are raising their most precious creation, son Hudson Elijah.
Pamela's jewelry is as hip as it is timeless, transcending every generation and age. Celebrities who "have a crush" on Pamela's unique style include: Halle Berry, Diane Lane, Debra Messing, Meredith Brooks, Whoopi Goldberg, Norah Jones, and Eva Mendes.
Hannelore Gabriel HGLabradorite600
Hannelore Gabriel (click name for photos)
Hannelore Gabriel was born in Germany where she received her training in jewelry fabrication and stone cutting. She currently lives in Colorado. She works in 18 karat yellow gold, and is famous for popularizing unmatched chandelier earrings. She will work with clients on custom designs. Gabriel is also a respected anthropologist who has traveled extensively in Asia. She is author of the definitive book The Jewelry of Nepal.

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Maeve-600 Sanday600

Maeve Gillies (click name for photos)
MaeVona is the ultimate vision of Scottish jeweler and designer Maeve Gillies, a young woman who has worked, designed, taught, and exhibited her way around the world, winning awards, artistic and commercial acclaim along the way. Maeve grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland and has always demonstrated a number of artistic talents. She states her future in jewelry began by chance at age 15, when, trying out goldsmithing with a jeweler friend, she discovered what would turn into an all-consuming passion.

MaeVona’s website | MaeVona’s facebook page | Our MaeVona Pinterest Board
AHartStudioRS AHartBraceletRS
Alexandra Hart (click name for photos*)
Alexandra Hart is known for her sophisticated and artful couture jewelry and metal sculpture. With both Bachelors and Masters degrees in art and metalsmithing, she has achieved a synergy among artistic inspiration, high design and skillful craftsmanship. Alexandra hopes to create jewelry which captures the delicate balance of the bold and sculptural with the sensual and graceful. She exploits the technique of hammer forming which allows her to "listen" to the properties of the metal, as well as carving and fabricating to fully utilize the metal’s three dimensional potential.

*(Photos used by permission of artist, photos credit of Peden+Munk, Ralph Gabriner, David Harrison.)
Alexandra’s website | Alexandra’s Facebook page | Our Alexandra Hart Pinterest Board

chris_lr CKdiaruby

Chris Keenan (click name for photos)
Chris has worked in the Madison area for a number of years and has recently launched his own gold and silver jewelry line. His meticulously hand crafted pieces are informed by his Native American heritage, and often feature turquoise and pipestone that he has cut and polished himself. Chris’s designs echo a love of the natural world, from the banding on an owl feather to the texture of birch bark, and pay homage to the traditional artwork of his grandparents.

Chris is one of three designer/goldsmiths available in-house here at Studio Jewelers for all of your jewelry needs!

Our Chris Keenan Pinterest Board
Audrius-Krulos600 AK wavy stackers
Audrius Krulis (click name for photos)
Born in Lithuania in 1963, Audrius graduated with a master’s degree in fine arts from the Vilnius Art Academy. He has been working as a foreman at Alex Sepkus since 1993. His own words describe his work:
"Sculptures on a microscopic scale, my jewelry incorporates an array of different elements and textures throughout the work of art. Inspiration comes from the world around me; I observe the effect of time, captured in the perpetual phenomenon of our ever-changing lives, and I am enthralled by magnitude of simplistic elements converging to form a magnificent scene. I try to recreate that vision – a brief moment of time in our lives and the world around us; like pebbles on the bottom of a gushing mountain brook or warm rays of light from a sunset, playing on the layers of shattered ice along a shoreline".

Audrius’ Website | Audrius’ Facebook Page | Our Audrius Krulis Pinterest Board
CMainne R623_Blue Moonstone, Diamonds
Conni Mainne (click name for photos)
Brought up in a verdant neighborhood near Seattle, Washington, Conni has nature in her blood. Having begun her jewelry training at age 15, Conni continued these studies when she moved to California, where she now resides. Drawing from universal themes, she connects us to the natural world. It's easy to trace the inspiration of her decidedly feminine forms. Conni's vast experience as a designer/goldsmith stems from 31 years of honing her skills, owning a gallery, to designing and producing her current 18 karat gold, diamond and fine colored gem collections.

Conni’s website | Our Conni Mainne Pinterest Board

Moty-studio-portraitRS Celestial-Brooch600
Eleanor Moty (click name for photos)
For nearly thirty years, Eleanor taught jewelry and metalsmithing at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. When she retired in 2001, she relocated to Tucson, Arizona where she maintains a studio and continues to teach via workshops. The use of unique stones with natural inclusions and graphic imagery combined with metal result in one-of-a-kind brooches, earrings, and pendants.

American Craft Magazine article about Eleanor | Our Eleanor Moty Pinterest Board
patrickmurphy2 PM-dendritic-round600
Patrick Murphy (click name for photos)
The rocks, gems, and minerals Patrick works with are a logical extensions of his lifelong interest in the natural world. JCK magazine recognized Murphy Design’s pioneering use of long tapered cabochons in contemporary jewelry when it called him the “bullet king” in May 1989. Patrick has studied design and gemology through the University of Minnesota, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, the Gemological Institute of America, and the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts.

Patrick’s Website | Patrick’s Facebook page | Our Patrick Murphy Pinterest Board
Dmitriy Pavlov Ring11_KsB5
Dmitriy Pavlov (click name for photos)
Dmitriy's professional journey began in 1981 in Russkiye Samotsvety (Russian Gems) Corporation, where he grew from engraver to leading engraving artist and designer. Dmitriy uses a form of hand piercing and engraving, which he developed, to create his works of art . Highly detailed, with timeless beauty, his work is sure to catch your eye.

Our Dmitriy Pavlov Pinterest Board
Julie Rauschenberger JR-watermelonring
Julie Rauschenberger (click name for photos)
Clearly playing both sides against the middle, Julie consciously faces the challenge of bridging old and new. We see 22k gold – generally associated with ancient jewelry – carved into contemporary abstract shapes. Perfect patterns of granulation and an eclectic mix of unique stones and antiquities make her pieces one of a kind.

Our Julie Rauschenberger Pinterest Board
Best-Whitney-portrait600 Augusta-Moonrise-2
Whitney Robinson (click name for photos)
Whitney Robinson received her art metals degree from the UW-Madison, where she studied under Fred Fenster and Eleanor Moty. The graceful whiplash curves of Art Nouveau that inform her work are immediately recognizable and have made her one of the most popular custom designers at Studio Jewelers.

*Whitney is one of three designer/goldsmiths available in-house here at Studio Jewelers for all of your jewelry needs!

Our Whitney Robinson Pinterest Board

Alex Sepkus SepkusWedSet
Alex Sepkus (click name for photos)
Visit the Studio Jewelers Sepkus Salon to shop the largest selection of Alex’s jewelry in the midwest!

Alex Sepkus rings are miniature works of art that can only be fully appreciated when examined in person. Minute details abound, down to the micro-textured hammer marks that make each piece glow. Each ring is a rich, complex design with an organic element that blends the angles, curves, and features together in a smooth communion that hints at the playful, mischievous side of the designer. “I try to make people recall their memories of beautiful things, some real, like that old crumbling stone pavement or a field of grass, but mostly imagined or read about in a book of fairy tales,” Sepkus says. He attributes to his most loyal customers a shared enjoyment of poetry and sense of humor, as these are things he likes to convey in what he calls the “beautiful and slightly mysterious little things” he creates.

Sepkus website | Sepkus Facebook page | Our Alex Sepkus Pinterest Board
SuleyHeadshot Suley-moth-brooch600
Aron Suley (click name for photos)
Describing Aron Suley’s work is not easy. Like Alex Sepkus, he is playful and inventive, bringing a wide range of skills to bear on imaginative and challenging designs. In addition to mastering the technique of a Fabergé, he is a gifted computer programmer and is just as comfortable working with CAM/CAD as he is sitting at the bench with a graver in his hand.

Aron’s website |
S-Vincent-headshot OSR-YXX-DX
Stephen Vincent (click name for photos)
Drawing on over 25 years of experience in the field, Stephen creates one-of-a-kind designs that are refined and minimal. His line features Stainless Steel and Damascus Steel, true tension-set diamonds and gemstones, and a signature accents of gold.

Stephen’s website | Stephen’s Facebook page | Our Stephen Vincent Pinterest Board