Studio Jewelers - Madison, WI

The Art of Fine Jewelry
Alex Sepkus
Visit our website at to shop the largest selection of Alex’s jewelry in the midwest! Our full in-store collection is featured, including many one of a kind pieces. Alex Sepkus jewelry is miniature works of art that can only be fully appreciated when examined in person. Minute details abound, down to the micro-textured hammer marks that make each piece glow. Each piece is a rich, complex design with an organic element that blends the angles, curves, and features together in a smooth communion that hints at the playful, mischievous side of the designer. “I try to make people recall their memories of beautiful things, some real, like that old crumbling stone pavement or a field of grass, but mostly imagined or read about in a book of fairy tales,” Sepkus says. He attributes to his most loyal customers a shared enjoyment of poetry and sense of humor, as these are things he likes to convey in what he calls the “beautiful and slightly mysterious little things” he creates.
Tear drop earrings 1500sq.jpg
gold station necklace 1500sq.jpg
Opal Sticks Stones pend w beads 1500sq.jpg
E234D Shark on wood 1500sq.jpg
4 strand blue sapph log 1500sq.jpg