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The Art of Fine Jewelry
Audrius Krulis
Born in Lithuania in 1963, Audrius graduated with a master’s degree in fine arts from the Vilnius Art Academy. He has been working as a foreman at Alex Sepkus since 1993. His own words describe his work: "Sculptures on a microscopic scale, my jewelry incorporates an array of different elements and textures throughout the work of art. Inspiration comes from the world around me; I observe the effect of time, captured in the perpetual phenomenon of our ever-changing lives, and I am enthralled by magnitude of simplistic elements converging to form a magnificent scene. I try to recreate that vision – a brief moment of time in our lives and the world around us; like pebbles on the bottom of a gushing mountain brook or warm rays of light from a sunset, playing on the layers of shattered ice along a shoreline".
AK E-64A
_MG_3626 as Smart Object-1.jpg
_MG_3681 as Smart Object-1.jpg
AK R-122
AK Tourmaline+Bracelet+-+2
_MG_3801 as Smart Object-1.jpg
_MG_4981 as Smart Object-1.jpg
AK 3 color ring
AK rut quartz pend
AK w ring
AK 3 rings opal
AK studs
AK ring nat dias
AK tiles2
AK aqua pend
AK E-17m pinks
AK ring line
AK E-51yg pinks 4s
AK opal ring YG
AK R-40
AK leverbacks 3 dia
AK N-4
AK N-8-b-2
AK naturals rings
AK opal reds ring
AK opal ring
AK opal ring splash