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We Love Our Artist Friends!

Perhaps you've seen our regular ads in the paper, featuring the work of many the many different artists we represent? We all need art in our lives, and hope these galleries can help you find an artist or piece that resonates with you.

~Please click on the artist's name for a photo gallery of their work. We are proud to represent a large assortment of wonderfully talented jewelry designers, many of whom are from Wisconsin or have ties to it. These artists work in an assortment of metals, each has a distinct style, and many are masters in their field.

respect the artist’s rights as originators of these designs, and the copyrights they hold to their work. We are happy that other artists may find inspiration in these photos, but want to acknowledge the many hours that go into creating these works of art; from the initial design to carving the wax to setting stones and putting on the finishing touches.

Please note that items pictured are not always in stock here at Studio Jewelers, or may be one of a kind pieces. Many of our artists are willing to work with you to design a custom piece or work with your stones. Please contact us if there is a piece that you would like to know more about.

Our artists work in a large variety of metals. Many of our designers work with 14K or 18K yellow or white gold, or platinum. We are happy to have a selection of designers who work in popular "alternative" metals. These include stainless steel, Damascus steel, and palladium. A number of artists specialize in a certain metal, such as Fred Fenster's pewter vessels and Julie Rauschenberger's 22K gold granulation. The vast majority of gold currently used in jewelry is from recycled sources, and we purchase most of our supplies for creating our jewelry from industry leaders in recycling.
page1_2 aberle-rings-in-a-row Katherine Aberle - Studio 311 (click name for photos)
Studio 311 website | Our Studio311 Pinterest Board
Kristin Anderson (click name for photos)

Kristin’s website | Our Kristin Anderson Pinterest Board
James Binnion (click name for photos)

Jim’s website | Our James Binnion Pinterest Board ____________________________________________________________________
hanna-bemusedrs page1_9
Hanna Cook-Wallace (click name for photos)
Hanna is one of three designer/goldsmiths available in-house here at Studio Jewelers for all of your jewelry needs!
Our Hanna Cook-Wallace Pinterest Board
paula-portrait-fave page1_11
Paula Crevoshay (click name for photos)

Paula’s website | Our Paula Crevoshay Pinterest Board
page1_12 page1_13
Jim Dailing (click name for photos)

Jim’s website | Our Jim Dailing Pinterest Board
page1_14 page1_15
Tom Dailing (click name for photos)

Tom’s website | Our Tom Dailing Pinterest Board
page1_16 page1_17
Fred Fenster (click name for photos)

Metalsmith Magazine | Our Fred Fenster Pinterest Board
j0026s-freeman-600 jsf-rose-gold-dangly600
Sharon and Jerry Freeman (click name for photos)

froman-headshot Froman3rings
Pamela Froman (click name for photos)

Pamela's Website
Hannelore hglabradorite600
Hannelore Gabriel (click name for photos)

Our Hannelore Gabriel Pinterest Board
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ahartstudiors ahartbraceletrs
Alexandra Hart (click name for photos*)
Alexandra’s website | Our Alexandra Hart Pinterest Board

Chris Keenan (click name for photos)
Chris is one of three designer/goldsmiths available in-house here at Studio Jewelers for all of your jewelry needs! Our Chris Keenan Pinterest Board

page1_30 ak-wavy-stackers
Audrius Krulis (click name for photos)

Audrius’ Website | Our Audrius Krulis Pinterest Board ____________________________________________________________________
Conni Mainne fbr623_blue-moonstone002c-diamonds
Conni Mainne (click name for photos)

Conni’s website | Our Conni Mainne Pinterest Board

Heather B Moore (click name for photos)

Heather's website

moty-studio-portraitrs 2016-Estuary-Brooch-600
Eleanor Moty (click name for photos)

Our Eleanor Moty Pinterest Board
page1_36 page1_37
Patrick Murphy (click name for photos)

Our Patrick Murphy Pinterest Board
Dmitriy Pavlov (click name for photos)

Our Dmitriy Pavlov Pinterest Board
page1_40 page5-1035-full
Julie Rauschenberger (click name for photos)

Our Julie Rauschenberger Pinterest Board
WR headshotpage19-1000-full
Whitney Robinson (click name for photos)
Whitney is one of three designer/goldsmiths available in-house here at Studio Jewelers for all of your jewelry needs! Our Whitney Robinson Pinterest Board ____________________________________________________________________

Alex Sepkus (click name for photos)
Visit the Studio Jewelers Sepkus Salon to shop the largest selection of Alex’s jewelry in the midwest!

Sepkus website | Our Alex Sepkus Pinterest Board

Stephen Vincent (click name for photos)

Stephen’s website | Our Stephen Vincent Pinterest Board