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Sepkus Bracelets
Here are a few Alex Sepkus "basics": -Available metals are 18K yellow gold, 18K rose gold and platinum. -All diamonds are well cut, F-G in color, and VVS in clarity, (unless otherwise specified). -You have a choice of white diamonds or champagne and spice-toned diamonds in Sepkus diamond pieces, as well as the option of colored sapphire accents in a number of his pieces. -Prices increase a bit for rings in larger sizes, depending on the style. Alex Sepkus controls the prices of his work and discounts are not available. Prices are subject to change.

#B-31 “Little Windows” bracelet, 18KY, 77 Diamonds = 1.71 ctw (F-G/VVS) $21,225.00


#B-41D “Submarine” bracelet, 18KY, .75 ctw Diamonds (F-G/VVS), 7.25” long, $13,085.00


#B-41D “Submarine” bracelet, 18KY, .75 ctw Diamonds (F-G/VVS), 7.25” long, $13,085.00