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Hanna Cook-Wallace has been in the jewelry industry all her life, and reports that she came naturally to her profession. "I was one of those kids who hung out at the local rock shop after school," she recalls. "I call it the 'Magpie factor'--the color and sparkle of gems and minerals has always fascinated me." Her interest led naturally to formal gemological training at home and abroad. In addition to study through the Gemological Institute of America, she is a graduate of the Educational Gemstone Centre Hattgenstein in Germany, with a certificate in practical and advanced gemology.

Hanna has contributed to Jill Banfield's,
"Gems and Gem Materials" online course, through the University of California Berkeley's Department of Earth and Planetary Science. The website is available for the general public, and contains a wealth of information for the budding gemologist and anyone interested in learning more about gemstones. Over the years Cook-Wallace has collected a comprehensive library on the subject of gems and jewelry as well as a fine collection of gem and mineral specimens, many of which illustrate the Gems and Gem Materials course. Studio Jewelers has a fully equipped gemological laboratory--a rare commitment to gemological standards in today's marketplace.
For hundreds of years, gemstones have been associated with specific dates, occasions, astrological signs, and other parts of the calendar. In recent years, certain gems have become well established as representing specific months, so that a person’s birthstone is now an integral part of the birthday celebration.
In addition to detailed information on each birthstone, lists of anniversary and other celebrations are listed as well.
Featured Gemstones
Hanna’s decades in the jewelry and gemology field have led to a fine collection of beautiful, high-quality gemstones. She has close, long-standing relationships with those she purchases gems from. Hanna is proud to be a member of the American Gem Trade Association, which promotes and perpetuates the highest ethical standards among its members and within the natural colored gemstone and Cultured Pearl industries. Our Featured Gemstones page has a selection of gemstones from our collection for sale, from a fun rainbow pyrite drusy to a stunning AGTA certified
Padparadscha sapphire.
Jewelry Care Information and tips on how to best clean and store your jewelry items. Hanna wrote these combining her own lifelong love affair with jewelry, and the knowledge of a bench jeweler’s repair experience. An extended essay on the care of pearls is a feature, as pearls and opals are Hanna’s specialty.