A Memorial

We mourn the passing of our dear Eli Shopcat, who died Sunday afternoon, November 6th, 2016 at age 20. His loving spirit brought joy to all who knew him.

If any of his friends would like to remember him in a formal way, contributions in his name can be made to
Dane County Friends of Ferals, 627 Post Road, Madison, WI 53713. Memories can be shared on his Facebook page.

Adopted from the Humane Society on April 15th, 1998, Eli lived here at Studio Jewelers until his passing at the age of 20 on November 6th, 2016. His adoption story is included in more detail after these photos.

Eli enjoyed helping everyone. Here he is assisting Lisa with some Photoshop work.

In 2013, we celebrated Eli's 15th anniversary of working here at Studio Jewelers.

He loved sunbathing while waiting to greet his friends at the door.

He was the king of the sales floor, always up for meeting new people.

Eli loved dogs! Please feel free to bring yours in the next time you visit.

Eli was often mentioned in the news, as in this Madison Magazine page.

He loved helping everyone find the perfect wedding ring.

He liked to remind us that it's good to look at life from a new perspective!

Being a salescat was tough work!

He was the comic and stress relief for everyone on staff.

He was always the first to check out new equipment, and the boxes they came in.

His friends David and Kelly sent him this great card for my birthday one year.

Nap time was a benefit of every work day for Eli.

Thank you for all your love and attention you gave Eli over the years, everyone!
(We’d like to add a note we wrote to the Dane County Humane Society, telling Eli's happy tale):

We here at Studio Jewelers want to share Eli's success story. Our gregarious feline companion was with us since 1998, working and living here at the store until his death on November 6th, 2016. He's had many fans, and was a wonderful shop cat. We all loved him very much.

Back in 1998, Studio Jewelers owner Hanna Cook-Wallace was a member of the "Claw Committee" (chaired by then-Wisconsin first lady Sue Ann Thompson), helping raise funds for the new shelter on Voges Road. While touring the old Pennsylvania Ave. facility, she met Eli, who was confined to sickbay with a deeply entrenched sinus infection and other stray-cat maladies. It was love at first sight.

Previous potential adopters had been put off by his prodigious production of ropey green snot, but Hanna was undeterred. Adam Bauknecht, who was staffing the front counter on the day of the adoption, told her she was getting the best cat in the place, and she knew it. Veterinarian Kristin Nelson was instrumental in getting Eli through his initial health issues. She also became first in a long line of those who would love to take this particular handsome brown tabby home with them, given the chance.

Eli lived full time here at Studio Jewelers, and worked as our official greeter. He never tried to leave the store; though many of our customers were concerned he'd run out when they opened the door. He had spent enough time on the street and had no interest in running outside (though he did like to sniff the air). He would often stand by the front door and meow loudly at passing pedestrians, trying to entice them to come in for a chat (so to speak). He enjoyed dogs and children, both of whom were welcome to visit him in the store.

Adam Bauknecht, who filled out Eli's adoption papers at the shelter years ago, is now a veterinarian himself. Dr. Bauknecht stopped by every once in a while to check on Eli, and still thinks we got the best cat in the place. Eli would get regular massage treatments from staff member Lisa Roman, (who was a licensed Massage Therapist), to help with his aches from his life as a stray.